US Miyata agent??

US Miyata agent??

Post by Jack Halpe » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00

|> I recently got a message on my phone answering machine from a Scott Hyer
|> (sp?) of Salt Lake City Utah USA. His message said that a letter I mailed
|> to Miyata in Japan (I can't remember the man's name now, it's the one
|> Jack Halpern said we should write to) was forwarded to him.

I'm not sure I understand this message properly, but if anyine is willing
to be a Miyata agent, by all means contact Mr. Kamei according to the
infopration below. I'll be glad to help out if necessary.  There is
a huge demand for Miyata's, which are, in the opinion of many champion
riders, the best there is.

Regards, Jack Halpern

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Date: Mon Aug 14 15:51 JST
Subject: IMPORTANT: Seeking Miyata Agent in US
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Hi All,

I have had countless requests about how to purchase Miyata unicycles in
the US, which is considered the best in the world by champion-class riders.
Before I go on let me make it clear that I do not work for Miyata nor
represent them directly. I am doing this because I know there is strong
demand for Miyata unicycles and Miyata has no way of reaching the masses
of unicyclists.  The president of Miyata and the exports manager have asked
me for my cooperation.

Miyata would like to renew activities in the US market through a reliable
agent who is able to reach the unicycling market.  The agent should be
in a position to pay in advance by letter of credit (FOB Japan for
FCL shipment).  Shipment will be made within 60 after receipt of payment.

I cannot announce the wholesale prices here, which is not public
information.  But the prices for agents are fairly reasonable and
competetive, I would say.  For details, please negotiate directly with
the exports manager Mr. Kamei.  Unfortunately, he is not connected to the

        Isao Kamei
        Miyata Industry Co., Ltd.
    Overseas Department
        1-1-1 Shimnomachiya, Chigasaki City
        Kanagawa Prefecture JAPAN 253
        Phone: +81-467-85-3339    ("81" is the country code for Japan)
        Fax:   +81-467-87-3587

In the meantime, if you want to buy Miyata unicycles or parts, you can do
so directly by contacting Mr. Kamei.  His English is reasonable so
communications should not be a problem.  Miyata will take care of orders
directly anywhere, not just the US.

Basically, you should negotiate with Mr. Kamei directly, but in a pinch
I'll help out if necessary.  This is an excellent business opportunity,
and at the same time happy news for the countless unicyclists for whom
it is practically impossible to buy a Miyata.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
IUF Vice President

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