Miyata Unicycle Seat

Miyata Unicycle Seat

Post by Chris Reede » Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:00:00


> >John Foss said I could buy a miyata  uni seat from you guys for about
> >25$ that comes with a handle.  Is this true?  Do you have blue, too,
> >or just green?  what's the shipping charge on a seat? (it better not
> >be 15$)

> >Thanks,

> >Chris Reeder

> >MUni rider

> To Chris,

> Thanks for your interest in the Miyata unicycles and also the seats.
 We do
> have them, but only in the Green.  They are $30.00 with shipping of
> $4-6 depending on where you live.  We can ship when you are ready.
We take
> all major credit cards.  Let us know.  Also look for our Mountain
Uni that
> we are working to develop.  We will have proto-type photos on our
site soon.
> It is a design with a Rock Shock and 26" Wheel.  Let the MUni world

> Thanks,
> Matt Hyer
> Miyata U.S.A.
> 1939 South 300 West #180-12
> Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
> 800-323-8553 - 801-487-4488

> http://www.miyatausa.com

Looks like somebody is finally going to produce a cool uni, just for
us MUni folks.  I wrote him again and asked how much it will weigh and
cost.  No response yet.

Keep the wheel!