Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Post by gerblefrankli » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 11:47:05

Hi all.
Firstly, sorry for the last thread. I pressed tab in the beginning
of the post and it led me to the "submit new thread" button, and I
didn't notice until it was too late.. Then I couldn't edit it because my
time limit ran out.
So, on to the point.
Today I was out doing some trials (the day after an 11 mile ride)
and I decided to do a bit of seat out. I've been able to do seat out
riding for the last 2 years, but have never really developed my hop to
anything more than a foot. So, today I decided to try to do my usual
warm up hops (about 14") seat out. I found that out of about 10 tries, I
could only land about 50% of them and the ones I did land were rather
precarious, while I was 100% seat in. I quickly changed to almost
entirely seat in, and was doing fine, I was landing a bunch of 18" ups,
and also a bunch of crank grabs (seat in). Finally, I got to a big 21"
up that I'd never landed in the context of a *** to *** manuever.
So, I went at it. I made it on my first try, and then landed about 2
more in the next 10 tries. While trying this, I began considering
whether this was the point when I ought to seriously begin developing my
seat out hops. So, my question is, at what point do people decide to
take the seat out? Is there a set height (2 ft hop, 5 foot drop?), or do
you just say, oh this is a time when I need extra clearance. Also, what
are the highest people have ever hopped seat in vs. seat out (please
only post personal records, and please note if it was a rolling hop or
I myself have landed 1 16" hop seat out (big fluke) and about
4 21" hops seat in. All were sidehops. My rolling hop record is about 16
or 17". My biggest drop ever seat out was about 3 feet in the context of
a 5 set of stairs, my biggest seat in drop is about 6 feet onto sand,
and about 4.5-5 feet in the context of a 7 set.

please respond.

PS. My biggest issue with seat out is I seem to have to hunch over a bit
too much to get a good grip, so I don't feel like I'm able to use my
legs enough to hop, therby I'm entirely dependant on my ability to lift
the uni up under me, thereby greatly limiting my hopping height.

Also, I don't seem to mind gapping seat out, although it doesn't
increase my gapping distance by much. Also, sorry to bore you all with
another seat out/seat in thread. Just ramblings.


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Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Post by Eublapharis1 » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 13:31:16

I have no idea for my drop record, but the highest jump i've made
rolling hop was 21", and side hop seat in about 19". I just recently
decided to start working seat out hopping...and I think I've got it up
to about 12" now...anyways those are my records:)

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Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Post by uroboro » Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:58:12

I just made a new personal record of 34 inches in the form of a seat out
in front side hop onto a wall. I've landed rolling hops of about one and
a half feet or so pretty regularly. Seat out is way better once you get
used to it, but that is the problem, you have to make an effort to
master it, and until then, it doesn't feel very stable. When you get it
though, you should be able to still stand easier, thus making tricky
sequences easier (hopping across a rock garden), and bailing is way
nicer too, especially when you're in a precarious spot.

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Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Post by gingerfree » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 01:20:09

My seat in side hop (actually to the front for me) is about 22"
seat out is about 12" (side this time)
my rolling hop is about 20"

i'm definetely going to make an effort to learn seat out as i think im
reaching my limits stationary (might be able to get a few more inches)

i want to refine my rolling hops a bit more also becasue i cant do
anywhere near 20" now about 15" :mad:  but its too risky at the min with
my gammy ankle.

good luck!


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Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Post by andrew_carte » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 19:50:41

I always knew I'd eventually be able to go higher with seat out but
found it really strange at first.  I felt sort of uncoordinated to begin
with but now I definately prefer seat out for high jumping.  I can jump
about 35cm seat in and 57cm seat out.  I'm slowly getting used to
bending my legs and tucking in the uni.  I don't really have the seat
that low for seat out because as you said it can become awkward when you
have to bend over too much.


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Seat out vs. seat in (disregard the last one)

Post by Murde Menta » Fri, 17 Oct 2003 09:33:35

I'm practicing hopping seat-out and its alot harder...I don't get any
distance/height from my hops. Seat-in is a lot easier and stable. For
the moment my current hop record is those green park benches.

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