26" Pashley

26" Pashley

Post by Roger Davie » Mon, 30 Oct 1995 03:00:00

On Sun, 29 Oct 1995 Philippe Quaglia said:

>    I just got the answer to the letter I send to
>    The Uggly Juggling Shop.
>    They said that they don't sell 26" Pashley Muni, but just
>    20 or 16.
>    Because of my English speaking level, I prefer not to phone to
>    Ducan Castling for asking him the address or fax number of Pashley
>    and main caracteristics of their Muni (still waiting for his report
>    about the Polaris challenge..).
>    So, may you ask Ducan if he knows Pashley's adress and(or) Fax
>    number ? It will be a great help fot me.

>    Thank you very much.

I have just talked to Duncan Castling, several things of note:

1)  The dealership for the Pashley Mountain has not been sorted out yet, he
thinks that they are not yet ready to sell them.  He is reasonably certain
that The Ugly Juggling Shop will not be selling the 26".  He is contacting
Pashley this week to try and sort this out.
2)  The Article about the Polaris will be posted after the Catch have printed
it (I think that he got into a little trouble last time as the net got it
before the Magazine).  He did mention that has an article he wrote several
months ago and has not been on the net yet - so he is sending me a disk.  He
also has some digitised photos that he is sending down to Jez for inclusion on
the WWW page.
3)  He has been on Page 3!  Well it was the Daily Mail in Birmingham....he also
got in to The Journal - both of these have quite a big readership.
4)  He is hoping to run some unicycling workshops for kids on 11 Novemember
1995 near Newcastle upon Tyne - so if you are in the area and would like to
help I am sure he would appreciate it.

Phillippe, sorry I cannot be more help with Pashley, but as soon as I get
information I will forward it to you and the list.