web page update.

web page update.

Post by Philip Hinkl » Fri, 29 May 1998 04:00:00

For anyone interested, I have updated the Viking One Wheelers Unicycle
Club web site.  It now includes frames, re-scanned photos for faster
downloads and better quality, and lots of new pictures.

For some of you MUNI folks, there is a link for some scenic rides I have
gotten to take.  They are from gravel roads in the middle of no-where.
Not quite a MUNI ride but VERY scenic (and simple).  If anyone wants to
come to Wisconsin, USA and check them out, I would love to ride the
whole roads with some other riders.

There's even some pictures from our recent parade and show here in town.

The first page may take a little longer since there is an image map but
after that the pages aren't too bad.

The address is