[RE: New seat designs]

[RE: New seat designs]

Post by Peter Bi » Mon, 09 Oct 2000 04:00:00


>Also, the bolts underneat the Viscount seat are a real pain (literally).
>The first time I miscaught my seat, and some friends' seats, I cut my hands
>on the bolts. This should never have been an issue, but because they are
>close to the seat post, and stick down a lot, they become quite dangerous.

I've had that problem too. I considered getting some plastic acorn nuts to
cover them up so the sharp edges on the bolts aren't the first thing your
hits. I've seen these on kids bikes, but I haven't found any yet...

Most hardware stores have metal nuts which are covered (they are like normal
nuts with a half sphere attached).  You may need to put a normal nut or a few
washers on as spacers as obviously the covered nuts don't***on too far.  

I've found this to work well on my seats and it certainly saves your fingers.
Another possibility is trying to find some *** valve covers that will fit
the bolts.


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