UI.Event: Japan's Ntional Unicycle Meet

UI.Event: Japan's Ntional Unicycle Meet

Post by Jack Halpe » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

|> Jack, Can you give us a brief report on the results of the
|> Nationals in Japan?

|> Who was Racing Champion?
|> Who was Artistic Champions?
|> Any amazing new tricks?

"Skill", if you don't mind :-)

I was planing to do an article on this, but did not get the results yet.
Here is a brief decsription.

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The 1995 Japan National Unicycle Meet was held  on August 5 and 6 1995 at
the Edogawa Stadium and Gym in Tokyo, the exact same places where UNICON
III was held in 1987.  Artistic unicycling events were  held on August 5
and racing events on August 6.

The winners of the 100 meter race expert class were:

        Handa Noriaki   (male)      12.67 seconds  (24" unicycle 4" cranks)
        Risa Shofuku   (female)     13.1?  seconds  (24" unicycle)

It is important to note that in Japan as of last year the expert class
has no restrictions on crank length.  For reference, here are some previous

        Yuichiro Kato  12.68 seconds
                24" uni 5" cranks at Japanese Nationals in August 1993

        Yuichiro Kato  12.29 seconds
                24" uni 4" cranks at Funabashi Meet on March 6, 1994

Yuichiro is a well known figure at UNICONs. His father tells me that
he can he can probably do 100 in *under* 12 seconds, but he keeps
falling at those speeds. Risa Shoofuku has also attended UNICONs
and many readers of Unicycling International have met her.

The winners of the artistic individual freestyle events were:

        Daiki Izumida   1995 Individual Freestyle Male Champion
        Miyuki Koyama   1995 Individual Freestyle Female Champion

They have both attended UNICONs in the past. Miyuki was world
champion in the standard artistic event at UNICON VI in Quebec
in 1992. She amazed everyone by doing *backwards coasting* (could
she be the only female rider to do that?) and gliding while standing
on the fork crown.  Yuichiro Kato performed another amazing
feat -- perhaps a world's first: coasting on a two-wheeler!

Many of Japan's champion riders, including Yuichiro and Miyuki,
are planning to attend UNICON VIII in the UK in 1996.
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