Antwort: My UW... Thanks Simon

Antwort: My UW... Thanks Simon

Post by Georg.Ba.. » Tue, 15 Jun 1999 04:00:00

>I am able to balance on it & go forward about 3 full rotations of the
>wheel, but then I fall off.  I've ridden uni's for years & this IS a
>challenge!!!!  I'm having a problem with balancing my weight evenly on
>both pedals.  Therefore, the wheel jitters back & forth throwing my
>balance off.  I know that practice makes perfect...  but in my case, I
>fear I've got quite a bit of practicing to do...  I'm trying to hold on
>to a wall for support then gradually weening myself from it.  If there's
>anyone out there who can ride a UW well, I'd appreciate any tips you
>could throw my way.

>I'll post a picture of it when I get my digital camera back.

>Shane Connor
>Tulsa, OK. USA.

From there shold be an link to an ultimate wheel page.
Some hints taken from there helped me a lot.
The most important one: spray the wallls of the tire with silicone-spray.
This reduces the friction between tire and leg to nearly zero.
I discovered also that shoes with a heel are better than sports-shoes in
the beginning.

Have fun on your uw!