Unicycle TN 2000-Day 12

Unicycle TN 2000-Day 12

Post by ShereeHudg.. » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

Wednesday Night - 5/3/00

"Citizen Don"

It all began with breakfast...

Don wheeled into a convenience store on the southeast side of Knoxville to
buy breakfast. The woman at the cash register was obviously curious about
him. Its not every day that a huge bumble bee walks into your store. When she
heard Don's "buzz," she asked if the media was aware of this.

Don shrugged his shoulders.

She said, "Well, I'm calling the TV stations about this!"

Within 30 minutes, Don was under hot pursuit by local television stations.

Channel 10 had a good story on Don. They found people at a local restaurant
to be 'extras' during the taping.

Some comments were:

"There's no way I'd ride one of those things!"

A lady said, "You'd have to put a motor on it before I'd even touch it!"

Don later saw the piece on Channel 10 and said it was well-edited and had
"good production value" to it. ("Good production value?") and then I heard
about the camera angles. (Sweetie, lets keep that head size in check so you
don't lose balance off your wheel!").

Most importantly, Don did elaborate about his cause -- RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE
OF MEMPHIS! ! ! Let's fill those pantries folks!

Don met a nice couple this afternoon named Jeff Lansdown and Debbie. Jeff is
a well known balloonist in Morristown. (He's for hire folks! ! ! -- Check out
this web -site: www.smokymtnballoons.com/

Jeff told Don that he books bed and breakfast packages that involve a balloon
ride over the Great Smoky Mountains. Its important to ride when it is 'calm'
like around sunrise or sunset.

As I talked to Don, he petted their cat named "Shotsie." Don't worry, Don. My
lips are sealed! Pooky and Boo will NEVER KNOW! (However, they are

Don was interviewed on Channel 6, but, unfortunately, missed that broadcast.

Don, Jeff and Debbie had dinner at Appleby's. Don was not modest! He went for
the STEAK! And, had a couple of beers.

Don plans to ride into Kingsport tomorrow. That will be a long day for him,
because that is over 60 miles. It looks like we kind of (ahem) UNDER
estimated the mileage! Its looking like it will probably be 600+ when this is

Again, I will be leave Memphis tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I plan to meet
Don tomorrow evening in Kingsport. I will find a way to get messages through
(via my daughter, Diana -- or Chuck).

As for TV coverage -- You may want to stay tuned to Channel 5 in Bristol (as
well as Channel 5 in MEMPHIS) both NBC affiliates Friday evening. (NOTHING
DEFINITE). Consider this another plug. Also, Fox 13 in Memphis.

God bless you...

See y'all in Bristol ! ! !

Sheree Hudgins

Mileage count:

Don traveled 34 miles today

Add to the 489 yesterday

which makes Don 523 miles from Ronald McDonald House of Memphis!


Unicycle TN 2000-Day 12

Post by unicycleSource » Fri, 05 May 2000 04:00:00

This made me giggle and reminded me of last years Minnesota ride.... you
didn't have Andy Cotter helping you work the mileage out did you?

> Don plans to ride into Kingsport tomorrow. That will be a long day for
> because that is over 60 miles. It looks like we kind of (ahem) UNDER
> estimated the mileage! Its looking like it will probably be 600+ when this
> over.

p.s. Love the reports and keep it up.


Unicycle TN 2000-Day 12

Post by John Fo » Fri, 05 May 2000 04:00:00


I hope you have been reading and enjoying the reports about Don Hudgins'
ride across Tennessee. I noticed today that there has been little discussion
about it here on the newsgroup.

Though there is only one of him, he has now surpassed the mileage of the
great Unicycle Across Minnesota, which was done by a large group of riders
last summer. He's riding all by himself, with nothing but a *** pack
stuffed with not enough supplies, and a cell phone. His wife is entertaining
us with a day by day travelogue of the Tennessee countryside.

In case you weren't aware, he's doing this for a charity also, in this case
the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. Though this particular charity is
localized and may not apply to most of us, that doesn't matter. Any
unicyclist making an effort like Don is more than worthy of our donations. I
believe I offered 10 cents a mile before he started (and when the total
mileage estimate was lower...). I'm sticking with that. Please donate
something if you can. You can find out more about the charity at Don's web
site: www.unicycler.com.

I've asked Sheree Hudgins for more information on how to donate, which will
hopefully be added to the web site. Please stay tuned, and help Don set a
record for the most money raised by an individual on a long-distance
unicycle ride!

Stay on top,
John Foss
President, Unicycling Society of America
Director, International Unicycling Federation