Student would like help in Building unicycle...

Student would like help in Building unicycle...

Post by Laszlo Vecs » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I would be interested in seeing a uni with a bicycle cassette and derailer
(spelling?) so that you can change gears! Perhaps you could incorporate
this into your project?

I don't have any info on the clamp area other than knowing that the DM ATU
(DM Engineering) has a very good design, so its worth checking into.


> Something in my inbox which I'm sure someone might like to send
> the chap some more recommendations other than my own.....

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> I am a doing a Design & Technology A level and am interested in making a
> Unicycle for my second minor project.

> I would be gratefull if you could E-mail me any information on unicycle
> design that you may have, particually if on the axil / bearing / bearing
> clamp area.

> >From information found on websites I have decided to make a 20 / 24"
> fork that would take both sizes of wheels. Do you think this is a good
> idea?

> Thank you for your time.

> Yours sincerely

> Ian Adey