Easy underseat bag

Easy underseat bag

Post by Icky sl » Wed, 30 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Here is an easy way to mount a small underseat bag for carrying tools, candy
bars etc. in. This works on my Miyata and on my Cyclepro's "generic" saddle:

The bag is an "Avenir Switch Pack", which slides on and off of a plastic
quick-release bracket and has a Velcro loop that goes around the seat post. The
mounting-bracket has two parts that are meant to be screwed together with the
rails of a bicycle seat between them. To mount it under your uni seat you will
need to go to the hardware store and get two gizmos which I believe are called
mending plates; these are small steel strips with screw-holes drilled into
them. The ones you need are about 1/2" wide by maybe 2" or 2 1/2" long. This
will probably be the smallest size that the store will have. Bend each strip
into a lazy, open, obtuse-angled  "Z" shape. Remove the nuts that hold the rear
end of your saddle to the top of the seat-post. Slip the holes in the ends of
the bent metal strips onto the seat's screws and put the nuts back on (the
screws in both of my saddles were long enough to do this easily; if yours
aren't, look for some thinner metal strips). The other ends of the strips are
sandwiched between the two halves of the plastic clamp, with the screws passing
through the holes in the strips. You might have to drill the holes in the
strips to make them big enough (I didn't). Put the half of the clamp that has
the mounting-bracket on it on the bottom, with the bracket pointing rearward of
course. You may have to determine the proper shape of the "Z" by trial and
error. You want to get the bracket positioned so that the bag can slide onto it
and strap onto the seat-post just as it would on a bicycle, with enough space
between the bag and the underside of the seat so that you can still grab the
rear of the seat easily when you need to.

This works really well for me. You can get the mounting-brackets separately, so
you can put one on each of your unis and clip the bag on and off in seconds.
It's a great way to carry all of the assorted small necessities that cause so
much discomfort in your pockets (wrench, locking-cable, Band-Aids, pressure
gauge, painkillers etc).

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