Success for Seth! Thanks

Success for Seth! Thanks

Post by LAURI » Thu, 16 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Last month I discovered the interet, and less than 2 weeks ago I found
oodles of info. about unicycles and this newsgroup. I posted a note
about getting suggestions and tips for my 10 yr. old son, Seth who was
trying to learn on his own. I want to thank those who replied and
because of your tips, he is now riding to school and back (1 1/2 mil).
He is so motivated, he is already talking about Giraffes!!! And knowing
him he will be on to MUni riding.

Today we looked in the public library for any books- nothing :-(
What we do with out the internet?

 We are now searching for Los Angeles or So.CA unicyclists. Is anyone
out there?  Haven't seen many.

Laurie and Seth