What sort of reply is this?

What sort of reply is this?

Post by Gord » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

To everyone who is in the least bit interested in unicycles..

Some 'unknown' sent this reply to me....

> Listen you greasy little bag of English shit.  I'd '*** off', but your mom
> was already booked for the Royal Marines.  You don't want to read
> something?  Kill file it.  Skip it.  Look at the ***ing title and use that
> small little pea brain of yours to decide whether it's something you want
> to read or not.   If it doesn't seem to be something you want to read, SKIP
> IT.   Or have you not mastered your news reader yet?

I can only presume that they are 'unkown' 'cos they are such cowardly
retards who cannot stand up for what they believe in?

I am trully interested in unicycles and most things bike but will not
take such abuse from someone who doesn't even know me. I hope that most
folks on this discussion group are as pissed off as I am that this
forum is used for this kind of nonesense?

I hardly wish to grace this toe-rag with a reply but if he/she/it wants
to e-mail me then my address is here for all to see. Unlike some.

Tel: +44 902 322729 (work)
or +44 902 722851 (home)

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What sort of reply is this?

Post by Ian M Smi » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00


>I have a suggestion to avoid messages as mentioned above in the
>I'd like to hear your opinion about this thing and about the
>(technical) posibiblity to implement such a feature.

It is technically possible - you describe what is called a 'modbot' or
'moderbot' on some groups.  The group is defined as moderated, with most
of the moderation done by a 'bot (sorry - a program) that checks posters
against an approved list.  The human moderator then only needs to maintain
the list.

However, I think it is overkill to adopt such a scheme for the sake of a
short period of off-topic postings.  Certainly, if it went to a vote, I
would vote against r.s.unicycling going moderated.

regards,       Ian SMith
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