Saddle Sores?

Saddle Sores?

Post by Jonathan Marshal » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

After hearing about something similar some time ago I decided to modify
the saddle of the unicycle that I use offroad to see if it would make it
more comfortable. I am happy to say that it has been a great success and
I am now literally riding on air.

The procedure is as follows. Take a semcycle saddle, the *** and foam
covered metal plate variety, and throw away the foam. Then cover the
metal with some thin closed cell foam such as camping bed roll. Loosely
tape a 20" inner tube to the saddle putting the valve through the hole
in the plate conveniently situated behind the seat post and then put the
*** cover back on. This needs some tape around the back edge to
prevent it coming away when you pump up the tube to a lowish pressure.
You need to experiment a bit so that it's not soft enough for you to
bottom out (excuse the pun) when you go over bumps but not too hard.

I can definately say that this is the most comfortable unicycle saddle
I've ever tried and, as long as it doesn't prove to be prone to
punctures, it will definately be a permanent fixture on my bike.

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