Another tire (Tyre) question

Another tire (Tyre) question

Post by Reg Burge » Sun, 14 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I guess I need a "Non gym floor marking" type, in a 24 inch size.  I've  
seen white tires at Walmart, but only in 20 inch size - I think these are  
for small children's bicycles and doubt that it would last under my my  
~200 lbs   - -  Gee, that would be like putting a 400 lb person on a 10  
year old's bike, I'd expect other things to buckle too.

I got a tip that hospital supply companies might be able to supply light  
gray wheel chair tires, but the last time I was in the ER  was this  
morning (not unicycle related) and every wheel chair had solid tires.
I really don't care about the color, as long as it isn't "soft black"  (-:


PS Do I need some kind of a plastic or synthetic vs "real ***" ?