Pashley Muni..

Pashley Muni..

Post by Roger Davie » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00


>      Is the 26" Pashley Muni still the only purose built publically
>      available Muni around, or have anyone else made one, and is it
>      generally considered by most to be the best buy for someone who wishes
>      to get into off-road/distance unicycling ?

Sem also have an "off Road Uni", but it uses the same frame as their XC
which doesn't have enough access for the tyres and has to have a "Green
Tyre" fitted to give any clearance on the frame.

The Pashley is not brillient but is it a good deal for what you get, the
main bad point is the seat and that is changable.  I visited Pashley on
the way down to Glourcester and met Melvin their Designer, apparently
they are looking at a new seat similar to the Sem XC.  The other thing
that he mentioned was that they will always have 150mm cranks on from
now on.

I now have a Pashely dealership, so if you want a uni give me a call, I
have 2 boxed ones sitting in my living room.


(video still not finished)


          North East England