NEW - IUF Web Page

NEW - IUF Web Page

Post by Jack Halper » Mon, 22 Sep 1997 04:00:00

> The new International Unicycling Federation web page is up!

> Check it out at the new URL:

> There is a lot more to come on this page.  If you have any information
> about the IUF, including documents, graphics, or questions, please send
> them to me.  I would like lots of feedback about the page, such as if
> there are broken links, incompatibility problems, etc.  Also, if you
> have any pages that have links to the old page, please change them to
> the new one.
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Congratulations on a great job. I will contribute as soon as I get some tme
to breathe. In the meantime, Tim, John and the others -- what happened to
the idea of using the part on IUF hostory from Anynone Can Ride A Unicycle
that Tim was kind enough to scan. With some updating it could be useful.

I also want to suggest, John, that a little more info be given on Unicons,
like who the (co)sponsoring organiztions and chairpersons were, etc. All
thios stuff must be on-line somewhere, probably as articles for OOW. Andy,
if you can dig those out we can edit them and add to the IUF page.

Regards, Jack Halpern
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