New Uni Frame Design

New Uni Frame Design

Post by Nick Dangerousl » Fri, 21 Dec 2001 13:41:09


> These days there are several high end Muni frames to
> choose from as well as
> low end stuff but it seems like the choices are
> pretty limitted for "medium
> priced" frames.  Especially those designed for 24 x
> 3.0 tires.  With that
> in mind I've come up with a new design that is
> reasonably strong (I hope)
> and light but won't cost too much to manufacture.
> It's meant to work with
> the Nokian 24 x 3.0 tire and Suzue hub.  You can see
> a picture of it here:


> I have a machine shop and have been fooling with
> this design for a couple
> of months now.  It's mostly aluminum with everything
> either pressed or
> screwed together.  I think it's kind of neat looking
> if nothing else!

> I welcome comments!

> Steve

> mailing list -

interested in selling a few?

Right now i NEED a new unicycle, And im looking at
frames, before my options were KH20/KH24 but after
seeing that! WOW! Drop me a line. Id also think about
marketing it through if I were you. It
looks primo.


Nick Cegelka

NickLikesFire   AIM

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