British unicycle Convention

British unicycle Convention

Post by Sarah Mill » Mon, 23 Aug 1999 04:00:00

The British Unicycle Convention draws near, just a gentle reminder to
those of you who had forgoten about it and a "hey its ture there really is
a weekend dedicated to unicycleing" for those who don't yet know about
The convention is likley to feature a pub crawl for those old enough,
unicycle hockey for those  bold enough, Muni for those daft enough  and
races for those fast enough with arty stuff, dancing, hopping  and tricks
for good measure.

 Its over the weekend 3rd - 5th September.I'm really looking forward to

The whole event takes place at the Clocktower  centre in North Wales, more
comprehensive details will be found on
check the site out its a good un, lots of usefull info and a fine map to

Come and chill out on one wheel