British Unicycle Convention

British Unicycle Convention

Post by Stuart Carte » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Quick review of the Gloucester Unicycle Convention:

Got there early on Friday to find the organization under control. The
registration desk was ready to open early, and Geoff and Ali turned out
to be most the most friendly of hosts.

Races 'began' at 1pm, the only problem being that there were only 3 people
present to race. This was where the timtable began to slip. However, when
enough people had turned up, the races began. Not being an ardent athletic
unicyclist, I only entered the 1500m on a 26". It nearly killed me.

Friday night saw the pub crawl^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H treasure hunt around
Gloucester city. This really was a top idea by the hosts, as we were
introduced to our host city - which came in very useful for those
inevitable shopping/beer/lunch trips.

Traders were DM with a range of big-wheels and weird giraffes and SemCycle
with his little bikes and a pretty big 5 wheel stacked giraffe (20"->16"
->12.5"->16"->20") and his wonderful penny-farthings. There was also a guy
there selling unicycle T-Shirts.

By Saturday we all began to realise that we were all that were turning up.
My estimate of numbers is about 80, I may be wrong. There were some notable
characters missing, including Mini. York seemed to have the biggest
making their presence known by partying late into the night, and heckling
the show. The 'finger on nose' game was introduced, but it didn't catch
on in a big way. (I did see DM play for a couple of seconds though).

The show was pretty good, with Max and Heyes doing a pretty frantic
impromptu club passing routine with some incredible recoveries and ceiling
bounces. Russell did what looked like a kids' street show, but it went
down well with the audience. Max did his slow motion running plus unicycle
bit, weird but good. Other acts included Miark and Pete passing water live
on stage, trouser ferrets, and other stuff which I'm afraid I can't
because it's now pretty late!

Roger got the audience participating with some IUF standard skills. It
turned out that the entire audience was at a level around 7.

Sunday dawned pretty dull, and didn't improve much. The rain set in quite
early but didn't dampen the indoor events. The hockey and basketball finals
were held, along with the 'hard' races (one foot, gliding, coasting).
Sorry I don't know which teams won, but I was in a totally zomboid state
by then.

The awards came next (Basically Max won) followed by the raffle with some
pretty good (and some terrible!) prizes. Then the business meeting.

It was pretty obvious that the convention didn't break even, due to the
lack of numbers, so an auction was held - the highlight being Max's eating
half a pound of cheese for a joint bid of about 25 pounds.

The whole convention was well thought out and well organised. At the
business meeting we REALLY had to scrape to barrel to come up with any
gripes. The only major problem was the low numbers.

Congratulations to Geoff and Ali, and all the other organisers for making
the best British Unicon I've ever been to. (Well, it was my first!) But
best of luck to them both, and I hope they manage to get the rest of that
cash somehow.

Even if you didn't go, buy a T-shirt or something - like 6 visitors to
the IJA convention in Pittsburgh did (they even registered).

I've not done any results here, but I'm sure they'll pop up sooner or
Stuart Carter