MUC Youth Uni-ty program Side Story

MUC Youth Uni-ty program Side Story

Post by Memphis Mu » Wed, 10 Mar 2004 23:26:11

This past Sunday Tommy and Myself planned his "Welcome Back to Memphis -
Tour d'Wolf MUni Ride". Tommy brought Marquis. He is a participant of
the MUC Youth Uni-ty initiative.

'Youth Uni-ty ' (

Marquis is an enthusiastic innercity kid (see photo gallery on MUC
website) who earned his unicycle and is already an amazing little rider.
(Once, someone verbally explained "seat out back" riding. So he grabbed
a Uni and did it first or second try). He comes to meetings whenever
possible and loves to get out on the Mountain B*ke trails with us for
MUni adventures. (Without Tommy's Uni-ty program he certainly never
would have had this experience).

Anyway, this made me laugh. Him too.

It had rained a couple of days prior. While most of the trail was dry,
there were puddles along the way. I was following Marquis when he
splished through a puddle the size of a dinner plate. Ten feet later, he
zoomed through another twice the size. 10 feet later he attacked one
only slightly bigger and sunk down do his axle. It sounded like:  
I thanked him for the heads up. We laughed about it some and continued
on. In about 5 minutes we came to the next puddle. A muddy stream
trickle actually. Marquis never even slowed down. Tommy and I tippy-toed

Its a blast to ride with this kid. Bravo to Marquis. Hats off to Tommy.

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