Air saddles versus other saddles

Air saddles versus other saddles

Post by harpe » Sat, 30 Aug 2008 23:51:18

I rode my KH Fusion Freeride into work today. That's right, I'm no
***, I just rode the saddle; I don't need the unicycle. Initially I
thought this is going to be bad, I'm riding on a plank. After a mile or
so the new sensation drifted into the background and I no longer noticed
it. My discomfort endurance was about equal to that on the air saddle.
The Freeride seemed heavier (because it is) but also it was more stout.
It offered more control than the squishy air saddle and the handle,
unlike my plastic Miyata springboard, was quite firm and afforded a
sure grip. I was able to ride the 200 yard curbs of Ravenna Blvd. on
the first try and idling was noticeably easier to do. Lots of control.
At least equal comfort.


-Greg Harper

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