Japan Trip

Japan Trip

Post by Jack Halpe » Sun, 03 Nov 1996 04:00:00

|> as I have talked before there are a few of us interested in going to
|> Japan for the month of January. That gives us roughly two months to make all
|> our preparations. Right now Connie is not sure she will be able to make
|> it but Dana and I are still looking into it very strongly.

Please give me a list of names, addresses, ages, sex and who your are,
sort of. They want it for reference at the Adachi Federation to make

Things are like this now. There will be a meeting on the 17th to
discuss more details, but basically you can stay with a unicycling
family and/or the schools for several days -- perhaps 4 or 5? --
this is not clear yet. For those who want to stay longer there
are facilities with nice rooms that have a phone and bathroom
for 5750 a day for single and 10000 yen for a twin.

I'll get back to you with more details. That's all I know for
now. I am not involved in the arrangeents. It's all being done
by Masanari Wakae. He mentioned that perhaps Connie and Dana
could stay at his house....

|> Any details about the event that you may have would be of interest. Like
|> what is the relay race. Is it on a track? Long distance? Fun? Would we be
|> expected to compete? How long would the organizers put us up? Right now

It's a kind of relay for a full marathon distance of 42+ km. Six
persons to a team , I believe 4 on 24" and 2 on 20". You hand the baton
to the next person. Of course you can compete! That's the whole idea.
I could joing the team if we don't get six people, but if we do you
of course get priority. It will be held on a cycling road along the
Arakawa River -- you may have to fight string winds. Plenty of
people, TV crews, the works.

|> we would plan on arriving Thursday. How about after the convention? Is
|> there places we can stay? Host families? The more information you can
|> give me now make it easier for me to plan as well as increase the chances
|> of us going.

See above for host families, etc.

On January 26 there is a big meet in Chiba City.  We are hoping that if
any of you stay that long you could perform at that meet and participate.
Miost of the top Japanese riders shuold be there.

I'll send more info as soon as it's available.

Regards, Jack Halpern