Unicycle Trip Across Arkansas

Unicycle Trip Across Arkansas

Post by Don H » Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I just returned to Memphis, Tennessee after a 7-day unicycle trip from
Memphis to Russellville, Arkansas, USA.  My girlfriend kept everyone posted
as to my progress.  I would have had her update this newsgroup but I
couldn't figure out how she could access this newsgroup from her computer.
I will compile her updates into one posting for y'all to peruse later on

My total distance was 235 miles.  My mileage varied from 22 to 47 miles per
day.  I used my 36-inch Coker.  Had I had more initiative, I could have
easily done 70 miles per day on that large wheeled beast.  The terrain
ranged from flat delta land to rolling foothills.  I stayed in motels every
night.  It was the distance between motels which determined that day's
mileage.  Actual "pedalling"  time was between 2.5 hours and 4 4.5 hours per
day.  It was advantageous to walk about 1/4-1/2 miles after pedalling 2
miles in order to protect my knees and my prostate.  That is one advantage
that Sarah Miller has over members of the opposite sex.  Total time spent
riding and walking was between 6 and 8 hours per day.  Ten years ago I would
bicycle 150 miles per day going across the country--but no more!

The Hermann Munster *** Pack made by Jandd worked great!  Last year I had
lugged along a back pack and a sleeping bag, and the resulting wind
resistance pretty much killed my efficiency.  This year, I just washed my
shorts and shirt every night in the motel room sink and they were dry by

The coker rode like a dream.  No problem at all.  Not even one flat (which
indicates the tire is high quality given the fact that I rode over
unavoidable glass). It did especially well going up hills. I told every one
that it was an industrial sized unicycle.  It pretty much knocked off
everyone's socks (except mine which had not been washed over a 7-day period
and therefore couldn't come off).

Unicyle Touring is definitely an enriching experience.  I would recommend
that one use the coker as well as a large *** pack.  In addition, one
should pick a route with suitable lodging at 30-50 mile intervals.  Best of
luck to those of you who are unicycling across Minnesota, USA later this

Don from Memphis, Tennessee, USA