Any info on building a unicycle?

Any info on building a unicycle?

Post by Cuppa50 » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:33:57

G'day folks, please bear with me momentarily. I know very little about
unicycles, but my 16 year old son is keen to try & build one from his
large collection of bicycle parts. As far as he can tell this should be
possible, perhaps with the exception of having to buy a specific
unicycle hub/crank. Could anyone here either supply us with basic plans
or maybe tell us where to find them on the web. We're both pretty handy
with Oxy & arc welding, although my spannering is more commonly on old
british motorcycles.
I'd also be interested in any leads as to where to find unicycle parts
in Australia, if anyone knows.


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Any info on building a unicycle?

Post by jimmytrialsride » Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:47:43

G'day back, Im james from perth WA.

Well, ive just succsessfully built a trials unicycle, as i broke my
other one.

I made the frame from cromolly tubing i bought at a "Custom Car racing
Place" that sells lots of diameter tubing to make custom sprint cars.
cost me about 30bucks for the amount of tubing to make one uni. and
about 10 bucks for metal plate for the cross brace.

I bought the tyre and wheel from a bike store and ordered the hub
seperatly from   In Aus, you can buy a standard unicycle
hub from juggleart in melbourne.
to make a uni you will need
4 bearing holders, 2 to weld to the frame and 2 to clamp (20 bucks)
A uni seat.
Bearings to go with a hub.

The rest you can get from a bike store.
But believe me, unless your building a custom trials uni or muni or
something similar, its cheaper to buy one.

If you want more details dont hesitate to ask, ill be getting pics up on
the net soon!


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Any info on building a unicycle?

Post by sarajef » Fri, 19 Apr 2002 12:26:03

Try "how to build unicycles and artistic bicyles" by jack wilery, Ph.D.

solipaz publishing company
p.o. Box 366
lodi, CA 95241
$15.95 (us)