C&O Canal Uni Trip

C&O Canal Uni Trip

Post by booge » Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:35:54

The e***ment has set in!  I have only 3 more days till I begin my
unicycle/camping journey on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal!  I have been
living in Harpers Ferry, WV (mile 61 on the canal) for 1-? years now and
I have wanted to make the 184 mile trip but because of my lack of
vacation time, I have only been able to go on short stretches around my
home.   I now have a nice vacation (changing jobs and leaving yourself
time between jobs is key!!!) and I figured there was no better way to
spend it than riding my uni the whole time!

I will be starting in Georgetown, Washington D.C. and working my way up
the Potomac River to Cumberland, MD.  There are designated sites through
out the c***for camping and most of these have water pumps for you to
freshen up and fill your water bladders.   There are also many small
towns along or not too far from the c***should anything unexpected

I am a little worried about how my bum will hold up, as my recent
decision to change jobs did not leave me enough time to train for the
amount of time that I will be spending on the seat.  I do have previous
long distance experience (I rode around Ireland on the uni in 2000) so I
am hoping the knowledge of what to expect will help prepare me.

This will be my first uni trip with camping as I stayed in hostels while
in Ireland, however I think my pack will weigh about the same for both
trips.  I also use a seat post luggage rack that sticks out the back of
the uni.  My tent, ground pad, and rain gear fit well on the rack and it
does not get in the way of my legs while pedaling.   It does however
make it slightly harder to turn tight corners, but a little practice
makes it easy to compensate for the extra weight.  

As for my pack, I carry a 1500 square inch (I think) backpack with
plenty of pockets for easy access for the important stuff.  I carry a
small tool kit with only the tools that can be used on my uni and
assorted equipment.  These include socket wrenches, alan wrench,
crescent wrench, crank pull, tire pull, patch kit, extra tube, and pump.
For water I use a 1.5 liter camel back and I have a 1 liter platypus
bladder for back up (I carry this bladder empty in case the camel back
breaks).  I will also be carrying my sleeping bag (in the pack) and
sleeping pad on top of the pack.  Other supplies going in or on my pack
will be a camera, film, batteries, C&O C***Guide Book, journal, first
aid kit, matches, flashlight, bike bell (there is a $40 fine if caught
with out a bell on the canal), hat, sun tan lotion, bug spray, TP, tooth
brush, soap, deodorant, and a few extra clothes.   Food can be bought in
the small towns along the c***so I will only bring a few snacks along
with me.  I will also be carrying a cell phone in case of emergency.  

My travel uni is a 26 DMATU with a Clyde (tandem bicycle) rim.  The
tire is a VelociRaptor 26x2.1 MUni tire.  I would normally use a slick
or semi-slick tire for long distance however the clay on the c***
toe-path gets slippery when wet.  I have 6" cranks and I will be sitting
atop in comfort (comfortable for a few miles anyways ;) ) on a carbon
fiber Miyata seat.   I do have a Miyata air seat due in today but I
dont think the seat post will fit the DMATU. :(  

Should everything go well I expect the trip to take 5 or 6 days.  As you
can see I am not going for a speed record.  In the past I have averaged
about 6 miles per hour fully loaded and that will also leave me plenty
of time to enjoy the sites and talk with fellow c***users.   If anyone
is interested, Ill post again when I finish the c***and let you know
how everything went!      
Talk to you all later!

Oh yeah, this weeks best quote   (old man after seeing me jumping from
a porch about 2 feet high)  Thats got to be tough on the do dads! :D


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