Post by vanra.. » Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:00:00

>riding off road i dropped of a small ledge about 18 inches high..
>nothing to worry about.  for some reason my feet slipped off the
>pedals and i landed , holding the seat with all my weight on the base
>of my spine/Bottom.

>finding it very painful right now to sit down!

Just a word of warning to anyone with this type of injury: you may have
broken your tailbone.  I had a similar injury (strong blow to the butt) and
found it *extremely* painful to sit.  I discovered after several weeks of
just grinning and bearing I found out that I had fractured my coxix.
There's nothing substantail that can help, but to avoid permanent injury you
should have it checked by your doctor.  You'll have to sit on a donut for
the next few months and avoid prolonged sitting for another year.  They also
told me I couldn't ride until all the pain went away (about 7 months).  So
unless you want to be off the unicycle for 7 months, you might think about
visiting an orthopedist.  It's a *** injury to have!  Feel better.