Warren Heath RR

Warren Heath RR

Post by Sarah Mille » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 07:14:43

Yesterday afternoon , being a fine, sunny if cold sort of an afternoon,
Paul and I went to play in the woods at warren heath. This is an area of
managed forestry and older woodland just south of Reading ( where we
live). We knew from previous trips that there is some fine singletrack in
them woods and wanted to   find some old favourites as well as explore new

We entered the woodlands along a fine bit of gently up-hill single track,
and then went exploring. Diving off into the trees at any hint of a single
track line  that showed. We found  plenty of  trails that just pettered
out after a few yards and others that had become so overgrown tey
were unrideable. One path lined with Christmas tree type conifers started
out fine but the trees got closer and closer, eventuly it got to a point
that  to ride would have required full face helmets  to avoid blinding (
so we walked with arms  across faces).

A vague recolection from a previous trip took us down to  "Nissan Dorma",
we didn't find the path we thought was down there but did  have some
surerb riding  along "jaws", around the limbo tree, into the "Squelch" and
then  up , down and around some fine technical bits ( including a section
I call "the yellow brick Rd" as it consisted of  yellow sandy clay).

Seeking further delights we   headed for  another bit of the woods and
after  taking a dead end trial down "porridge hill" found ourselves at the
edge of "the blasted heath" an area of clear cut and decided to ride
around it. BAD move , it started out fine not too hard or too dull.  Then
we ran into a wet patch and foolishly decided to press on, finding beyond
the bog a lovely bit of gently decayed single track .Once someones pride
and joy with North Shore style  bridges over streamlets and  grand old
Beech tress to duck under, now it was overgrown and the bridges were just
a pair of  birch poles with nails in spanning  murky  pools of unknowable

We still pressed on, expecting to come upon the other end of this trail
soon. No such luck, we met an impenetrable bog, hidden among  young trees
starting to re-colonise the clear cut. Great, now we both had wet feet and
couldn't see very far through the brush wood. Our only option ( aside from
retracing our footsteps for  over a mile was to head up the hill and hope
it got dryer, but the hill was COVERED in dense bracken and clear cut
brash. We  took the hill and slogged  through a 500yrd uni push with
bracken  trying to trip us up every inch of the way.

I've never been so pleased to see a gravel fire road as when we got to the
top of the "Blasted Heath" and   jumped over  the ditch to join one. By
this time  the air was cooling down, the sun had dropped behind the trees
and we had only 45 minutes of daylight left. so we headed for the car,
using the dying sun to steer our north western route  through the forest.


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