Harware troubles (fwd)

Harware troubles (fwd)

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> Thanks for the great info.  I will go order Mavic or Peregrine rims tomorrow.
> Do spokes matter? e.g. Is there a difference in metal properties or simply
> a difference in gauge?

Get stainless steel. Galvanised steel is cheaper but weaker and look
grotty. Avoid at all costs. You may be offered aluminium ***s, stick
with chrome plated brass. Ally is lighter but tends to sieze onto the
thread making wheel trueing impossible.

If you want to be silly/spend lots of cash, you could try titanium
spokes. Lighter, strong enough but stupidly expensive.

As for sizes, I can never remember gauge number off hand, but ask for the
same thickness that they'd use for mtb. wheels. Double-butted spokes
would save some weight, but constant thickness spokes would be fine and
cheaper. Make sure that the bike shop has a good, experienced wheel
builder, wheel life is definitely a function of the skill of whoever
built it.

Oh, and get a decent tyre. For 26", there are plenty of excellent 1.5"
mountain bike slicks, that are very light and can be pumped up hard (like
100psi) for low wear, fast rolling and easy turning. For 20", try
something like a Tioga Pool Comp slick, probably only available from BMX

Hope this helps