1997 Unicycle Meets in Switzerland

1997 Unicycle Meets in Switzerland

Post by Craig Milo Roger » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

        I just received (what I think is) a list of unicycle races in
(or near) Switzerland in 1997:

Apr 27  Basel, Switzerland
May 11  Herisau, Switzerland
Jun 15  Gretzenbach, Switzerland
Aug 10  Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Aug 24  Rohrbach, Switzerland
Sep 14  Riegel, Germany

        There will be a unicycling motivational weekend in Giubiasco,
Switzerland, on 30-31 Aug.  For more information on these events, call
Edward at 091-857-31-13.

        Also (but from another source), don't forget that Eurocycle
'97 will be held in Nyon, Switzerland, near Geneva, from 11-13 Jul.

                                        Craig Milo Rogers