[Re: SemCycle vs XL]

[Re: SemCycle vs XL]

Post by Peter Bi » Wed, 31 May 2000 04:00:00


>I've never ridden a unicycle before, and I've decided to buy one. My
>question is this: Is it worth it to buy a standard SemCycle rather than
>the XL? I don't plan to ride it everywhere, but then again, I don't know
>how much I'll enjoy unicycling. For now, I'll say that it will be for
>"moderate use". I never read this newsgroup, so I'm sorry if this
>question is asked all the time.

>    Andrew Fowler

For moderate use I would recommend the XL.  The sem will stand up to a lot
more punishment but unless you are doing some serious free style, bunny
hopping or riding down steps, drops etc the XL model will be fine.

Ironically the XL has a better frame for many freestyle tricks.  If you ever
want to learn to ride one footed it'll be a lot easier to learn with an XL.

I use my sem for things like practicing bunny hopping and going down stairs.
A 26" sem would probably be a good choice for off road.


 o o  Peter Bier
o O o Juggler, unicyclist and mathematician.

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