Pittsburg to DC - C&O canal and Great Allegheny Passage

Pittsburg to DC - C&O canal and Great Allegheny Passage

Post by siafired » Tue, 18 Mar 2008 23:18:33

After hearing that the C&O c***trail now connects smoothly to the
Great Allegheny Passage Trail all the way to Pittsburgh PA, I kind of
want to ride the entire length of both of the trails.

The tentative plan now is as follows:

Friday May 2nd: get a ride up to Pittsburgh from a friend and see the
Bouncing Souls, Tim Barry, and Gaslight Anthem (sweet show lineup).
Stay the night in Pittsburgh somewhere...not sure where or with whom.

Saturday - start the ride!
Wednesday - finish either in DC or at my house in Fairfax.

That gives me 5 days to ride 320-350 miles depending on where I stop.
If I went the length from DC to my house, I would follow the Custis and
W&OD back from DC.

I would be bringing a backpack with a sleeping bag and light weight
shelter and hopefully camping most of the days on the trail.  I haven't
looked into how I will split up the days yet or where all the campsites
are, but that is not really important yet.

This will be great training for RTL and give me some more experience
doing self supported uni tours.  Frank (hell on wheel) mentioned he
might be interested in joining me.  He completed the 180+ mile ride
from DC to Cumberland a few years back.

Great Allegheny Passage: http://SportToday.org/
C&O Canal: http://SportToday.org/
Someone's account of DC to Pittsburgh:

Hopefully I can take off work and go through with the ride!


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