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Newbie Hardware Workshop

Post by Ken Fuch » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 17:55:30

>> 6) Spoke Wrench

>> Do these come in sizes, or is there a standard size? How do you use
>> one?
>Most spoke wrenches come in multiple sizes (in a single tool). You use it by
>finding something on the spoke that the wrench fits onto and then turning
>it. Don't adjust spokes without live, on-site help. Or, use the old wheel to
>experiment. But you can't see the results unless the wheel can be spun on

There are also higher quality single size spoke wrenches.

Typical sizes:

14 gauge = .080"
13 gauge = .092" for 14 gauge ***s threaded for 13 gauge spokes
  (This one fits on the 14 gauge ***s tighter than normal, so the
  square surfaces are harder to round off with torque.)
12 gauge = .105"

For 13 gauge spokes, it is better to have 12 gauge ***s than 14 gauge
***s, since the 14 gauge ***s are too easy to round off, even with
the proper spoke wrench.

I have the three above plus one that fits the old Miyata ***s, but I
don't know off-hand what size it is (probably somewhere between 13 & 14



Newbie Hardware Workshop

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> {hope I don't offend
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I for one am very much offended.  

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