Help to build giraffe

Help to build giraffe

Post by Ross Mackinto » Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>After some discussion with others rose the question whether you
>should do something to keep the chain on tension, and if so, how you
>could do it.

one way to do this is to weld a bolt on to the forks (each side) just above
the axle nut.  when both axle nuts are done up at good tension, do the
bolts up until they are tight against the axle nuts, this will eliminate
the wheel sliping with all the weight on it.

>My question is, has somebody experience with building a Giraffe

Many of them...

>We heard for example that bought Giraffes have two chains.

This is almost true, or semi true, or nearly false etc...  there are
commercially manufactured giraffes that have either single or double drive
chains systems, just depends what model you are looking at and what price
you want to pay!

>Is it satisfactory for our Giraffe if we build it with one chain?

not at all if you are careful.  I mean to say if you do one footed harshly,
best to use the foot on the side without the chain, or if doing spins etc.
the chain should be on the outside of the spin etc.  This keeps tension on
the chain so that it doesn't slacken enough for it to 'skip' a cog of jump
off completely.
If the giraffe you create is as bendy as my first attempt that will happen.
Since that semi success, I strengthen the main frame section with rods
running the full length from forks to pedal section.  and plenty of
I Believe there are a few good giraffe building articles throughout the On
One Wheel magazines if you can get hold of them.  I could probably dig out
the copies and give you more details of what issue if needed.

hope that is helpful

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