Onza hub troubles

Onza hub troubles

Post by redwell » Thu, 11 Mar 2004 05:42:00

I recently tried taking of the cranks off my 5 month old Onza 24" for
the first time, after they had started to creak a little. One came off
nicely but the other one got stuck after only coming off a couple of mm,
before the bolt became immovable in either direction (with all my
strength and an allan key - with a 3 foot long allan key and a vice it
may be different).  So I put the other crank back on again, and the
creaking that was the cause for my original action had stopped, but
there seems to be 'play' between the hub and the spindle.  The cranks
now both move about 1 mm at the end, relative to the wheel, rotating
about the axle's axis, but are solid relative to each other (no apparent
problem with crank/spline interface).  They give a worrying small
'clunk' whenever the above motion is caused. Is this something a bike
shop could fix? If they can manage to get the crank back on fully and
tighten it all up, would it solve the issue with the hub?  I am hoping
there isn't any actual damage to the hub, after buying a fancy splined
one largely due to claims of invincibility!

As a side point, after reading the FAQ on unicycle.uk.com about splines,
I was still none-the-wiser as to how to dismantle the crank once it's
off the hub.  "3. Remove self extraction ring (remember the thread goes
the other way), the nylon washer and bolt.  Clean and put aside."  How
does one remove the extraction ring (assuming you know which bit it is)?
The only clue I had is the two holes around the allan key socket, but
they don't do much.

Hope this isn't too silly a post!


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Onza hub troubles

Post by one wheeled stallio » Thu, 11 Mar 2004 06:25:52

Hi, I've had problems with my Onza hub, tho with the 140 set. Never had
trouble getting my cranks off, tho one bolt is slightly stiffer to turn
than the other. Use Needle-Nose pliers to remove the self extracting
washer if you have to. You can also buy a tool for it, your bike shop
should have one. Lots of grease of some form is also good!

As for the play in the keyway, remove the entire axle from the shell and
clean off the excess grease. Use some Loctite on the keyways and
reinsert the axle as normal- make sure it has the same length showing
either side of the shell and put your cranks back on. Leave it for about
48 hours and see how it goes!

I got this fix from the mighty John Childs when I first got the problem
and it worked treat! Hope that he replies to your thread too, he seems
to know a hell of a lot about this sort of thing!

Good luck!

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Onza hub troubles

Post by john_child » Thu, 11 Mar 2004 18:10:04

If the keyway is slipping you can try doing the Loctite treatment.  You
have to press out the spindle, fill the keyway with Loctite sleeve
retainer, press the spindle back in the hub, let the Loctite cure, put
the cranks back on and go for a ride.

There is no guarantee that the Loctite fix will hold.  My Profile hub
has started slipping again after my Loctite treatment.  It's not bad so
I'll just leave it as it is until I get annoyed by it again and get the
urge to fix it again.

You can see this thread: 'Loose Profile keyway'
(http://tinyurl.com/26tnm) for some more background.

If the loose keyway isn't bothering you, you can leave it alone.  It's
not likely to get much worse.  If it's creaking or if it's bothering you
then consider fixing it.

I have never messed with an Onza hub so I don't know how the thing is
put together or how to get the cranks off.  I only know Profile.

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