im back, (in black)

im back, (in black)

Post by Nick Dangerousl » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 10:36:59

ok, so anyways, i stopped reciving the newsgroup
emails at the begining of the summer because i just
didnt have time to read everything. now that im
heading back to school, ill be czeching up on
everything again. just some stuff thats happened this
summer with regards to unicycling and nick.

i rode in the tour for the cure along with jeff lutkus
(who is currently in germany), kyle grasso, tim
something, nate somethignelse, and um, i think thats
it. we made the news. I rode on my coker, totally
sweet. I ordered some seat parts so that i could ride
in style, but i had shipped them express to my school
address instead of home, so they went there and didnt
arrive in time! explitive deleted

i fixed up my coker (after the long ride, doh!)

first thing i tired was I took my old miyata seart
base, it had a broken reinforcing plate. and i used a
dremel tool to carve out the front of it and make it
so the reeder handel would fit flush with the base,
and stuck as far out in front as possible. this of
course flexed way too much so next...

so i took it, and i got a fiberglass reapir kit, and
just took off the plate and handle and everything and
tried to use the fiberglass to reinforce it. I used
instructions i got from gilby. worst idea ever. I
kinda forgot to use gloves and stuff. and i mixed it
with my hands. and spread it with my hands. and
smoothed it with my hands. then, at the end i had
fiberglass covered hands. I needed to saok them in
paint thinner for about 3 hours (no joke) to get most
of it off. even then it was still pretty bad for the
next week.

this worked great. so then i used the drem again to
clean that up, put the handle and the seat post (a cut
down miyata) back on. with a dogbone air pillow, and
reecycle cover, its perfect.

I try to ride a few miles every day. Getting a coker
was such an awesome idea.

Im doing a lot of street type of stuff on the trials
unicycle. Like spins, hop on tire, stalls, working on
smooth grinds and piroettes. I ride with my freinds
who skateboard, so im at skateparks and local places
that are good for that type of stuff. I may actuyally
be picking up something resembling style now! hell

I havnt cut my hair since thanksgiving, and i dyed it
blond, ludicstly blond.


Nick Cegelka

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